Garcinia WOW

Today’s product under scanner is Garcinia WOW, a weight loss supplement. Why I chose to review it is because of the popularity it had gained with the masses and the fact that it promises fat burn without any exercise (Really!!).

Introduction About Garcinia WOW

It is dietary supplement which helps one lose weight without requiring any weight loss diets and exercising. If taken with a proper weight loss regime, it seeks to optimize the results. Through its natural ingredients, it claims to burn fat biologically. It also prevents storage of fat and promises to burn previously stored fat through Thermo genesis and energy.

What’s Inside it?

Garcinia WOW is made using pure and natural extract of Garcinia.

  • Hydroxycitric acid
  • Antioxidants
  • Hydroxycitric Acid blocks the storage of fat inside the body and helps burn the eaten carbs right away
  • It further blocks glucose from entering the blood stream to avoid fat storage
  • It also alters certain biological functions inside the body to prevent carbs transition into fat
  • It then helps in curbing overeating through keeping the mood uplifted and positive
  • It seeks to enhance energy and makes one feel energetic throughout the day

Is it Really Safe for Consumption?

The product claims to contain only natural ingredients in regulated and safe quantity which is good. Besides, it specifically mentions that children below the age of 18 should not consume it along with the pregnant and nursing women. It poses no threat if taken in recommended dosage however, if one’s got medical complications, it’s always good to take the professional advice.


Final Verdict…

After having used Garcinia WOW for about 30 days, I can say that it is actually worth a shot. Why I am saying this is because while using it, I didn’t feel the usual jitters and nausea but energetic. And, to my surprise, I ended up losing 3.5lbs within 30 days with zero exercise. Now such supplements that actually work and work fast are indeed hard to come by!

What is its USP?

  • 50% natural and pure Hydroxycitric acid
  • Tested and proven ingredients
  • Safe product
  • Inspected for quality
  • Certified preparation lab
  • Easy online availability
  • Guaranteed and side effect free results

Anything to Worry about?

None really except for the initial biological reaction to the HCA dosage (adaption mechanism, varies individually)

Buy Online Garcinia WOW?

Garcinia WOW is available for purchase at its official website.